Photographing Your Home

If you were to open another tab in your browser right now and look at Zillow, Trulia, or and view ten listings similar to your home, you will inevitably find many of them to have poor photography.  There are two key issues that you are most likely to encounter-

  1. Unprofessional Photos.  It’s obvious when an agent simply took photos on his or her iPhone.  They don’t capture the fine features of your home, and are more likely to discourage rather than encourage buyers to want to come tour your home.  Your agent should pay for professional photos.  NEVER settle for unprofessional photos, and NEVER pay for these photos!  This is part of what you are paying your agent for!
  2. Doctored Photos.  We all know them.  The photos that are “too good to be true”.  When you see stunning photography of real estate with huge rooms, perfect layouts, and stunning like new finishes.  Then, we tour the property and find that the photos were doctored, and very misleading.  Buyers are becoming more savvy and are seeing through this deception.  You want professional photos of your home, but you don’t want to mislead buyers!

When you list your home, be sure your agent spends money to make sure your home is showcased properly.  If you hire us to sell your home, we will have your home professionally photographed, and if we don’t sell your home in the first six months, and you want to cancel our agreement…we will provide you with rights to the professional photos.

If you are considering selling a home in Chicago or Northwest Indiana, you should call or text Joe at 312.593.8854 today!  We will provide exceptional value, and sell your home quickly.