Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to get buyers and buyers agents into your homes.  Every home is unique, but depending on the particular market position of your property, we will likely employ one or both of the following strategies.

  • Broker Open Houses.  We have technology and data that tells us which agents are currently working with, or have a long history of working with buyers that would be interested in the features your home offers.  We would schedule a date or two to host these agents for tours of your home.  We look for incentives large and small, that would entice agents to go out of their way to see your home, and then suggest that they bring their buyers to see it.  These incentives range from food, drink or gifts, to agent bonuses for bringing a buyer within a specified time frame.  These incentives work!
  • Public Open Houses.  We will open your home on the weekend, and/or on weeknights, and promote through various channels the opportunity to see why your home is right for new owners.  Of course we will have some neighbors who just want to see your home, and that’s OK!  In fact, that’s a good thing!  We will help them to think about their friends, family and colleagues, and will encourage them to share your listing with potential buyers.  If you ask them…they will!

You want your agent to want to open your home as much as possible.  We want to open your home as much as possible.  Don’t settle for an agent who wants your home to sell itself.  Give us a call and let us show you how we can bring you a buyer!

If you are considering selling a home in Chicago or Northwest Indiana, you should call or text Joe at 312.593.8854 today!  We will provide exceptional value, and sell your home quickly.