Listing Party

By now, you have likely seen a common theme.  We want people see your property, and to see it in the best light possible.  Once you have entrusted us with the opportunity to sell your home, we are going to get to work immediately, and we are going to, with your help, bring a large group of VIP’s through your home.  We are going to host a listing party!

The idea is simple.  We want our closest friends, and your closest friends to see your home, and start to share it with their networks.  Again, this sounds so obvious, but we are among the only people to do this!  We will schedule an evening within a day of the listing going live, and we will invite your friends/colleagues, and we will invite our clients to come enjoy a nice reception in your home.  We will capture some photos and videos with people sharing what they like most about the home.  We will send them all a copy of the listing, and the photos/videos after the reception, for them to post on social media and share with potential buyers in their network.

We will also use these videos to send to perspective buyers who come to our open houses, tour your home privately, or who request more information.  This will create a unique positive vibe that will surround your home, and folks will have a more favorable view of your home even before they see it!  Not to mention the fact that your friends or colleagues could very well know someone looking for a home like yours, and could make the introduction right away!

If you are considering selling a home in Chicago or Northwest Indiana, you should call or text Joe at 312.593.8854 today!  We will provide exceptional value, and sell your home quickly.