Once we have reached an agreement to sell your home, we don’t want you or the buyer to be blindsided by anything!  This is the quickest way to kill a deal.  Trust plays a key role in a real estate transaction, and we don’t want buyers to lack that trust in your and our honesty and integrity, otherwise they may not feel good about purchasing your home.

The buyers will have your home inspected.  Before they do so, we want to repair or disclose anything that we believe to be of concern to the buyers.  We provide our client with the guidance to help identify these issues before having the property inspected.  This will not only avoid the request for last minute repairs or credits, but it will help the buyer to trust that you are dealing honestly and ethically with them.

If you are selling a condo, the buyers are going to request access to all condo documents, including minutes from the most recent year or two of condo association meetings.  We review these before we even list the property, and similarly to the inspection concerns we identify, we want to disclose any potential expenses or items that may be troubling to a buyer.  If we are up front, we have the chance to comfort the buyer.  If they are blindsided by items during the attorney review period, they may get cold feet and want to back out of the deal.

You should absolutely expect your agent to bring these items to your attention, so that you don’t lose a ready and willing buyer!

If you are considering selling a home in Chicago or Northwest Indiana, you should call or text Joe at 312.593.8854 today!  We will provide exceptional value, and sell your home quickly.