Home Search Process

Every home search is unique.  Some home buyers like to be very active in their search for properties, while others prefer to defer to their agent to guide the search process.  These days, with the convenience and plethora of online home search sites, almost all buyers find themselves doing at least some searching online.  This is OK, just be sure to keep in close contact with your agent, as he/she most likely has experience with the building, neighborhood, or particular listings you are viewing online, and can save you a great deal of time.

We have in-depth conversations with you about how you envision your search going.  These conversations help us to know how to best serve our clients.  For some clients, they only see listings that we have hand selected based on their desires, while others want to see everything on the market and then come to us for feedback when they identify listings that interest them.  Your experience will be best if you communicate with us how you would like your search to go.

Most importantly, if you are searching online and would like more information about a property, contact us!  Do not contact the sellers agent directly, or you will jeopardize the opportunity to have your own professional representation.

If you are considering buying a condo, townhouse, or single family home in Chicago or Northwest Indiana, you should call or text Joe at 312.593.8854 today!   Buyers NEVER pay a dime for our services!