Offers and Negotiation

No two negotiations are the same, and each should be treated uniquely.  We will walk you through a thorough analysis of what we believe the market value of the property to be, and then we will consider potential impacts of a motivated or non-motivated seller, a slow or fast paced market in the neighborhood, and anything else that might play into the ultimate price we believe the property will sell for.

Next, we will discuss an offer strategy with you.  We don’t tell you what the best strategy is, but rather, we share with you a few options that we recommend, and what the most likely outcomes would be.  The decision with which way to proceed is ultimately in your hands.  While we have a great deal of experience, we also believe that you are an incredible, intelligent person, and can add a great deal of value to our negotiation.

Once we have agreed on a strategy, we will write up a formal offer which will be submitted to the sellers agent.  Most often between two hours and two days, the sellers agent will verbally counter our offer.  We will immediately communicate the counter offer to you, and discuss strategy.  Then, if we make a counter offer to their counter, that will take place verbally.  Once we agree to terms, then we will write up another formal offer that will be signed off on by the seller.

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